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Item Name Price Theme Base Color
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Send my donation to Project MKC
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Send my donation to Team Rubicon
$12.00 Variety Blue
$12.00 Shari's Favorites Yellow
Flag Fireworks
$12.00 Patriotic Blue
$12.00 Military Black
RWB Checked
$12.00 Patriotic White
Flag on Cream
$12.00 Patriotic White
YSU - Black
$15.00 College Red
YSU - White
$15.00 College Red
Indians - Blue
$15.00 Pro Sport Blue
$12.00 Pro Sport Orange
Steelers - Yellow
$15.00 Pro Sport Black
$12.00 Variety Grey
$12.00 Pro Sport Blue
$12.00 Variety White
OSU - White
$15.00 College Red
OSU - Green
$15.00 Red
$12.00 High School Blue
Army Fabric
Black Fabric
$17.00 College Black
Boom Smash Bam on Blue Fabric
$17.00 Fantasy Blue
Boom Smash Bam on Cream Fabric
$17.00 Fantasy White

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At this time, Mask4 operates on a COD basis (cash or check).  When your masks are complete we will text you.  Checks are made out to "Masks4 LLC".   When your mask order is ready we will notify you by email and text.  You will pick up your order at:

3997 Timber Lane    Youngstown, OH 44511