Charity - How We Calculate Things


When you purchase a Masks4 mask, a significant portion of your payment goes to a charity of your choice.  The portion will change as the efficiency of our business model changes.  We will endeavor to be as transparent as possible in regards to how we calculate this number and we will post the calculation regularly at this page.


     Additionally, we intend to keep detailed records of purchases, expenses, profits and charity selections and to regularly publish documents that inform you of these numbers.  Our starting point is on the left.


          As you can see from our initial charitable run, we started June with a $0 balance which means 100% of the proceeds went to charity (as promised).  Going forward we hope to help some additional folks in the community by adding to the LABOR expense (employees).  We also expect a bit of a jump in POSTAGE since the internet shopping will spread to more than just the Valley.