I am George Beelen Jr.  Along with my wife, Shari, I started making masks in April of 2020.  PPE were in short supply where Shari, a nurse, worked so we wanted to help.  The masks were not perfect, but they did the job and they were the type and style recommended by the CDC.  Initially, all of the masks were made by me; a man that had never used a sewing machine before in his 62 years.  We thought we would make a hundred masks and donate the proceeds to charity.  A local TV station caught wind of our efforts and did a story on us.  Over the next 6 hectic weeks we were blessed with the opportunity to put masks on about a THOUSAND faces and with the help of my wife and a dozen volunteers we raised over FIVE THOUSAND dollars for the Second Harvest Food Bank of Mahoning Valley.

Made by American Hands

Your Masks4 mask is made by American hands in the Mahoning Valley, Ohio!


Wear your mask with pride and own that you are doing the good you can while you can do good!



George & Shari Beelen

     When the fund drive ended, we continued to get calls for masks.  Fashionable and fun masks were hard to find and, when found, often came from overseas.  We recognized the local need and still wanted to make more charitable donations.  So that's how MASKS4 came to be.  I would like to make sure that you and your loved ones have affordable, washable and reusable masks so that when you ABSOLUTELY NEED to go out in public, you have a mask to wear that shows your respect to those around you. It is the “good” I choose to do today.


     Additionally, we want to be a source of hope and pride for the 

community!  Every Masks4 mask symbolizes the individual personality and freedom to choose that we all hold so dear and, during this pandemic, feel slipping away.  A simple CHOICE of a mask that represents YOUR personality and a CHOICE of a charity that you like may light a spark in your heart and shine hope on someone else’s day!  As Masks4 grows, we look for additional local labor to help keep pace with our requests.